Born in Lima Ohio… the oldest of 5, David would learn to love music at an early age. It was introduced to him by his mother and father at the age of 3. His father was a musician and the singer for the group “Exodus,” a Christian male group that toured the globe singing. David’s mother was a singer in her own right and would encourage his involvement in music by playing records, listening to the radio (oldies, and current). He would start to love music that ranged anywhere Beethoven to Bee Gees.  As he grew older, his parents introduced him to different instruments. They were all boring to him because his passion was all about the drums. Sitting under other drummers watching and listening to different styles would get him his break.

As he grew older, his talents would take him farther then what he could possibly imagine. David would begin to play with groups such as “Victor Williamson and Praise”, and then would play with “Exodus”. The year…”1990″ the place…”Greater Christ Temple”, a church on the south side of Lima, Ohio. A choir concert that was being recorded by none other than Jimi Goare. This was a meeting that would change his life. Jimi was floored at his skills being a 16 year old and knew that he wanted his groove on a project of his. A spot opened in “Black Eyed Susan” ,the band Jimi was in and David was the obvious choice.This band broke up and for a short time, David and Jimi would go in different directions but the two stayed in touch. David would go on and form the band “Sucker Punch”. He would soon pass the torch to Nate Felkey and they would take the band to a new level. David would soon catch up with his long time childhood friend Leroy “Dano” Pirtle to travel with his group “Committed”. Years later, David met and played with “The Will Freed Band”, “The Lima All-stars”, “Armory”, and “Gutter Funk”. Then Jimi Goare approached him with the opportunity to start the Delphos All-stars with bass man Neil Mahlie. The name would soon change to “The Hipnotix”. Still today the band grows even stronger.