Since the early ‘80’s, Jimi Goare has been known for his unique style, feel and command of the electric guitar. He has mentored over 1,000 aspiring players in his 37 years of playing and instruction. As a teenager in the mid-seventies, Jimi convinced his dad to buy a $40 acoustic guitar. His dad agreed, under the condition that Jimi would take guitar lessons. After the first year, Jimi began teaching students of his own. He formed his own band and started playing clubs and parties at the age of 15. With a reputation as “the little kid that could rock”, older, more established bands began to make offers to join them. After much consideration, Jimi’s father agreed to allow the youngster to play the club circuit. At age 16, he was working for Showtime, a top-flight booking agency. At age 17, he was asked to audition for Showtime’s top act and regional favorite, the Toledo band Shyster. He was half the other members ages! Shyster signed with a small label, Focus Records, from Cleveland, Ohio and, In late 1983, they entered the studio with well-known hit-making producer, Carl Maduri III. Carl had several hits to his credit, including records from Dianna Ross, Michael Stanley, Donnie Iris and the Gap Band. Over the next two years, the band toured playing shows with several national bands, including Cheap Trick, Night Ranger, Eddie Money and B.T.O. In 1988, he married and moved to Nashville to begin a new music career. This move was short-lived due to a family illness and the couple returned to Ohio. However, while in Nashville, Jimi worked with Heartland, a country gospel band, along with Guy Penrod of Gaither band fame, Warren Haynes of Allman Brothers fame, and Roy Yeager of Atlanta Rhythm Section fame.In 1996, fellow musicians and friends recruited Goare into The Affair band. The Affair released the CD “Solid Ground” in 1998. In 2002, Jimi signed a record deal with Retrospect Records and released an overseas CD of his catalog of original music titled Jimi Goare, Age of Grace. The drummer on the cd was none other than David Breaston. Within the next 2 years,Goare and Breaston would go on to lay the foundations for The Hipnotix.